All about us

Arnold & District has roots traced back to 1862 when James Acton purchased property to set up a Funeral Directors. James was a builder by trade and had Acton Road named after him.

James Acton sold the property to Thomas Needham for £350 at the time and both James and Thomas’s occupations at that time were coal merchants.

Sadly, Thomas Needham passed away on 30th December 1916. In August 1918 his wife, Alice, remarried a George William Bee and together they continued as coal merchants and Funeral Directors.

Alice Bee sold the property to George Johnson and his wife Lucy in 1926. George was an established Funeral Director.

Six years later, George’s wife, Lucy, passed away leaving the business to George.

In 1974 George passed away and the property passed on to his son George, and his daughter, Sybil Johnson.

George and Sybil sold the premises to Colin Michael Lightfoot in 1982 and planning was obtained to demolish and rebuild the new funeral home on the site in October 1984. The funeral home still stands as it is to this day.

“Arnold & District have been arranging funerals dating back as far as 1901.”